About Medical Opinion

Medical Opinion is a global medical service company which provides authoritative and informed medical reports. The company cooperates with world leading doctors and medical institutions. Medical Opinion offers referrals to world leading physicians and medical centers best suited to the patient's needs and the specialty involved.

We provide you the professional medical services from multidisciplinary specialists

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Personalized Health Information from Top Experts

Established in 2006, Medical Opinion is a high-end service providing authoritative, personalized medical information from premium specialists worldwide.


We offer you instant access to the best specialists globally in the field that concerns you, with no geographical limitations. Our service is based on the latest information, research and technologies. We have built a network of superior physicians and institutions, as well as a dedicated team working around the clock to serve you.

Swift, Convenient Service

The information is provided with the utmost speed. With our service, you avoid the expenses and hassle of travelling internationally to see the specialist you need. Similarly, you don't have to tackle the endless bureaucracy and delays associated with traditional health insurance companies.
We have a long-term partnership with Europ Assistance, a medical assistance company  and several large health insurance companies. We also provide service to the exclusive YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and WPO.

100% Reliable

Our service provides independent information with full transparency, and no possibility of conflict of interests or irrelevant financial considerations. All information is provided in formal documents for your convenience, with full liability.
As a boutique service, we continually strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Whenever there are further enquiries to be made, we will continue working until the customer is fully assured.

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