Personal Health Assessment

Get a personal end-to-end health assessment from a premium physician

Who is it for?

  • Patients who want a general assessment of their health
  • Patients who have a long-standing or complex health condition and want a comprehensive professional analysis

Get a comprehensive report about your personal health status. Learn more about your current medical condition and possible health risk factors. Medical Opinion will create a professional health risk assessment for you, based on your entire health record, and provide you with a personal preventive health report based on genetic testing, and family history. This will enable you to handle any present health issues in the best way, and to take the necessary actions to prevent potential future medical issues.

  • Get professional insight on your full health status
  • Discover new avenues for your health condition
  • Become aware of relevant risk factors and prevention avenues
  • Undergo genetic testing to learn what treatments will get the best results
  • Get the information within 7-10  days

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