Medical Prevention -  Genetic Testing

Avoid medical risks and improve your health through genetic testing


Who is it for?

  • Patients who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of their genetic system and health
  • Patients who want to prevent future health risks
  • Patients who want a  customized diet and exercise plan
  • Patients who want to understand their genetic metabolic structure

Do you sometimes worry about medical conditions that could develop in the future? Remove the stress by undergoing relevant testing. Gain a deeper understanding of your genetic build and let our medical experts create a healthcare regime that is truly customized to your body. With our advanced genetic and molecular tests, you can choose the best diet for your metabolism, learn about your intolerances and health risks to so that you can avoid them.

  • Easily perform saliva based genetic testing at home
  • Learn more about your health and risks
  • Nutrition mapping allows you to choose the best  nutrition for your body
  • Get in-depth risk assessments of possible diseases
  • Learn about the best treatments that work for your genetic coding
  • Get the information within 3 days

Our medical team is waiting to improve your understanding of your health. Contact us today.